AGSHOME Motion Sensor – Must work with AGSHome Smart Home Security Alarm System, HUB Needed

AGSHOME Motion Sensor - Must work with AGSHome Smart Home Security Alarm System

SALE PRICE: £11.99
YOU SAVE: £4.00

  • Motion detector only works with our Smart Security System.
  • The motion sensor can detect any movement within the detection area
  • Works completely wirelessly – does not need to be connected to the control panel and the motion sensor has a root antenna which can improve the signal
  • Send alarm signal – The alarm signal is sent to the control host as soon as an alarm is triggered
  • Power supply with 2 pieces AA R6 1.5 V battery (battery included).

Product description

Style Name:Motion Sensor 1

AGShome wireless burglar alarms system 7/24 monitoring your house ,keep your house secure and protect you and your family.

1. Device sharing to your family members to control this smart alarm system, and allow them get the notification.

2. It has scheduled arm/disarm/sos function,  Control home security anytime, anywhere.

3. The alarm system support voice control compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google home. 

4. Supports pairing extra sensors and remote control. Up to 20 pcs sensors and 5pcs remote controls paired with one main Base station.

5. Easy DIY installation, Easy to use and pair.

6. It only support 2.4GHz network (Does NOT support 5GHz ). No contracts and no subscription fee.

7. With a power adapter plug in all the time to ensure the alarm hub always powered on. And with a backup battery for up to 8 hours standby time in case of power cutting.

 Easy to configure the wifi alarm system


Press and hold the SET button on the Base Station until the light of Base Stationis SLOWLY blinking (2s/time).

Tap the “EZ Mode” on the top right corner, change to “AP Mode”.

Select “Confirm indicator slowly blink” at the bottom,tap “Next”.

 Control your security with three modes

Home mode: This Mode should be used when someone wants to stay home and feel safe. (Sensors set to active in “Away Mode” will NOT triger the alarm.)

Away Mode: This Mode should be used when you go out and there is no one at home.

Disarmed mode:No Sensors are armed. (Sensors only triger the alarm if it set to active in “Away, Home, Disarmed Mode”.)


Weight: 80 g
Size: 15*5.7*5mm
Dimensions: 10.8 x 5.8 x 5.4 cm; 80 Grams
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Alkaline
Manufacture: Daping
Size: 15*5.7*5mm

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