Police patrols in Burghfield and Mortimer following anti-social behaviour reports

Nature of issues unclear at this stage

Thames Valley Police have announced they are stepping up vehicle patrols in the Burghfield and Mortimer area following reports of anti-social behaviour. Residents can expect to see an increased presence from last night (Tuesday). This is in response to numerous complaints.

It is unclear at this stage whether property or personal damage is involved.

Due to complaints of ASB, we are currently patrolling the Burghfield & Mortimer area. #PangbourneNHPT #P1197 #P5233 #P0853 #C7496 #C7220 #C9882 #C9970 pic.twitter.com/pNQj4YuSM7

— TVP West Berkshire (@TVP_WestBerks) March 16, 2021

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