Arc AAA Camo

Light Type: LED
Light Class: Pocket/Keychain

(short, quick, and to the point)

This is the Arc AAA Camo version. Really there isn’t a lot to say about this particular light without repeating myself from the original Arc AAA-P review. The only real difference is the camo color anodizing, the designation “Arc-C” at the top of the body tube, and the “Lot 1” designation at the tailcap. This is a very limited run of splash anodided lights and when they run out, they’re gone. The anodize is Type II, not the Type III found on the Arc AAA-P, so it will show signs of wear over time.

Tailcap close-up:

Bezel/Head close-up:

Output: Essentially the same as the original.

Runtime Plot: See original Arc review.


Size compared to a common 2AA aluminum light